#BDJFAIR2016, An Event I Couldn’t Miss

Ever wondering what makes a Bella go to the BDJ Fair and what keeps the others coming back year after year? Read more and discover what BDJ has to offer during this fun day event.   Belle de Jour Power Planner (BDJ) has been up and running for 11 years now. It is made especially for the … Continue reading #BDJFAIR2016, An Event I Couldn’t Miss


Overcoming Anxiety When It Strikes

  I woke up in the middle of the night screaming, struggling to breathe and had a hard- time getting back to sleep. I had  awful nightmares and it kept coming back for weeks, haunting me over and over again. It's been years.. I thought everything was over and done.. That I had moved on.... Few hours … Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety When It Strikes

#MVPHuddle | An Exclusive Treat for Loyal Bellas

The BDJ team, led by their founder Ms. Darlyn Sandra Ty prepared something special for their loyal MVP bellas, the BDJ beauty ministry team and friends which was held at the Lucy in the Sky Café  located in San Juan last Saturday, 1st of October, 2016. It was a great privilege to be chosen and be … Continue reading #MVPHuddle | An Exclusive Treat for Loyal Bellas

Blogging Over Again

Howdy! It's been such a looooooong time. I hope I didn't get you singing the Starting Over Again while reading this post. I have gradually come back from the grave of laziness mixed with a busy work and love life. I know it's very unfair for a blogger to rest for a very long time without further … Continue reading Blogging Over Again

Sample Room | Trying Before Buying

Do you want a sample of an item first before you buy the right size? Wanna know first if it's a good try before you buy? If it is, then you should continue reading this! If all those questions were answered with a big YES! You might want to try and visit the Sample Room … Continue reading Sample Room | Trying Before Buying